Two household names in the drum n bass worlds move their online shops to Bandcamp, in the process making available many releases that had previously been vinyl-only.

The labels in question are dBridge‘s Exit Records, based in London and set up in 2003, and Marcus Intalex and S.T Files’ Soul:R, based in Manchester and set up in 2001.

Over the past 13 years both labels have pushed the music in different directions and acted as a breeding ground for new talent, with Exit notably becoming the home for a new generation of producers and approach to drum n bass that has reinvigorated the genres beyond its fanbase in recent years – see our extensive feature from last summer on the subject.

You can now browse the entire Soul:R back catalogue on Bandcamp, which includes a fair few vinyl-only releases from its early days, and also purchase a small amount of releases on physical. Exit Records for its part seems to have most of its catalogue available digitally while the physical versions are available via its dedicated shop.

If you need help with where to start we suggest the Blackpocket album and Mosaic compilations on Exit and the DAT Music compilation, Marcus Intalex’s ‘Jam Hot’ and recent FourFit EPs on Soul:R.



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