Killa Cam announces monthly “interactive” EP series including audio, video, art and more.

In the five years since Cam’ron last released an album the industry has changed with the album as product now carrying a fraction of the importance it was already losing back then. Reflecting this changing reality the Dipset member is announcing 1st Of The Month: a multimedia project that takes the shape of a monthly interactive EP released via BitTorrent. Details of what the interactivity will consist of haven’t been made clear yet.

According to the BitTorrent blog, the EPs will “include a web series, music videos, film, art and more.” They are released, you guessed right, every first of the month as a BitTorrent Bundle. For those unaware of the format, the Bundles are BitTorrent’s attempt at turning their service into a legitimate platform for artists to release their work. Since inception, Bundles have been used to release material from the likes of Public Enemy, De La Soul and Pretty Lights among others.

Speaking to Mass Appeal, Cam’Ron said of the project “I’m putting out an EP every month with a 30-minute episode so you’re not waiting a year or more for the next album. It’s kinda like a show version of Killa Season. Instead of spending money on one movie, every month you have something new to look forward to.”

You can view the trailer for the series below, which set ups the regular show with Cam playing himself as a rapper caught up in a crime cartel.

Cam’s interest in acting was one of the many things he discussed when we interviewed him last month ahead of his ill-fated non-show in London. He also took time to speak with FACT TV on the early days of Dipset and more.



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