Baltimore club pro James Nasty readies <em>Calvert Street</em> EP for T&A Records; stream it now

Keeping the spirit of Bmore club alive with his first proper EP release.

James Nasty is one of the finest purveyors of Baltimore club music, staying true to the city’s sound and being one of its biggest advocates — even as his contemporaries in Jersey have made strides with their frenetic brand of club music. On the Calvert St. EP, Nasty looks to keep Bmore in the conversation.

“I always strive to find a balance between sticking with a traditional club record that can be played on 92Q, while also creating something that has global reach so that DJs in LA, Paris, Tokyo or Australia can play it and their dance floors can easily digest it,” he writes. “Baltimore club is more than just music for the dancers and the battles. People all over the world are aware of us and are looking and waiting for the music that only we can make for them.”

“Its like thug motivation meets club drugs thrown into a blender with some whey protein and steroids.”

In the works for the last 4 years, the EP has “bits and pieces of all of the city in it,” and the title is a shoutout to a major city thoroughfare (that he happens to live on). Aiming for timelessness, Nasty says he wants “the same reaction that you get when you play ‘Watch Out for the Big Girl’ or ‘Mr. Postman’ today. I want these records to be on everyone’s workout playlist on their iPods just as much as I want it in every DJ’s Serato. This is raw energy here.”

“Its like thug motivation meets club drugs that make you dance all night thrown into a blender with some whey protein and steroids,” he boasts. “And I’m just gonna hang out here on Calvert Street and sell it on my stoop like a kid with a lemonade stand until its time to hit the road and show people all over the world how Baltimore really gets down.”

The EP is due out tomorrow on T&A Records. It features ‘Bring In The Katz’ vocalist Pork Chop (“How can you not love the way his voice cuts thru the speakers!?”), Baltimore up-and-comer TT the Artist, and a remix from T&A co-boss Tittsworth. Stream it in full below.



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