FACT mix Throwing Snow - whitemain

Stepping up this week: a long-overdue session by Throwing Snow.

Since debuting in 2007, Throwing Snow – or, to use his enviable government name, Ross Tones – has refused to be tied down to one style, exploring the outer reaches of house, jungle, drone, post-rock and more. Truth be told, if he’d stuck to one tempo he’d probably be a lot bigger by now, but it only takes an hour with his discography – or, indeed, one of his DJ sets – to realise that he’s not a man inclined to settle down.

Although he’s recently made Houndstooth his main port of call, releasing his debut album Mosaic and Snow Ghosts’ A Small Murmuration through the Fabric-run label, it’s only half the story with Tones. He’s explored burnt-out rave nostalgia on Sneaker Social Club, footwork and jungle through Local Action (recently debuting a new alias, Alight) and has used his record labels A Future Without and Left_Blank to release early singles by Kahn, Visionist, WIFE, Vessel and more.

You get the picture: Throwing Snow moves to the beat of his own drum, with a hard-to-define magic that binds his tracks together no matter how different they might be at surface level. He’s the sort of artist who you just get more with every release, and with Mosaic out last week, his FACT mix – which pits FIS, Gantz and Kreng against new material from both Snow Ghosts and Alight, and comes self-described as ‘A Midsummer’s Nightmare’ – couldn’t have timed itself better.


1. Drekka – Go From My Window
2. FIS – DMT Usher
3. Paul Jebanasam – Rites II
4. Timo Chinala – Kaleidoscope
5. Maxwell August Croy & Sean McCann – Parting Light Suite
6. Benjamin Damage – End Days
7. Visionist – Can’t Forget
8. T_A_M – Graze Tha Trax
9. Memotone – Vilnius
10. Trevino – Shorty
11. Chaska – Dragon Breath
12. Caski – Elephant Tribe (Troy Gunner Remix)
13. Circle Traps – Portent
14. Will Plowman – Symphonic Ensemble
15. Paul Jebanasam – Rites III
16. Kreng – La Poule Noire
17. Kaboom Karavan – Parka
18. Purple – The Club
19. Gantz – Witch Blues
20. Kloke – Flood
21. Alight – The Fog
22. Snow Ghosts – Static Interlude (Binaural)



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