Kanye West booed during 20-minute rant at Wireless Festival performance

Yeezus riled the crowd at his London headline show.

Kanye West was booed during one of his signature on-stage rants at Wireless Festival last night (July 4), which reportedly lasted almost 25 minutes during an extended version of ‘Runaway’. The lengthy diatribe – which touched on Kim Kardashian, his business deals with Nike and his attempt to break into the fashion industry – prompted a few jeers from Finsbury Park audience, as you can hear in the clips embedded below.

He reportedly responded to the boos by saying: “This is what I’m talking about. They say, ‘I don’t know what’s wrong with Kanye’ and make it sound like I’m a bad person in some way. What have I ever done that was so wrong other than believe in myself?”

Performing at the Birmingham leg on Sunday night, he told the Perry Park crowd that the negative reaction had “hurt” him.

“The media wrote that people booed. And you know what. I’m not going to lie, I’m not invincible,” he said, as NME reports. “It hurt me a little bit because I knew how much of a good time everyone had. I’m sorry that I’m not a complete belligerent asshole that I normally am, but I will be back.”

Kanye played on Saturday night as well, replacing Drake in the headline slot before heading to London’s Cafe Royal Hotel for a DJ set, where he reportedly played around 20 new tracks over three hours.

One attendee described the new material as “dark”, “hellish” and “groundshaking”, adding: “We reckon its research for his new album”. You can see Yeezy in the booth in the Instagram below.








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