Hear Surgeon's ambient set from Freerotation

Surgeon returned to Wales’ Freerotation festival at the weekend to play another ambient set for the tiny crowd.

Recorded in a yurt (of course), the “hybrid DJ/live set” was intended to “take us all much further out, much deeper inside than the set from last year. A more disembodied experience,” as he describes it on Soundcloud. Accordingly, the session begins with the hypnosis introduction to Lars Von Trier’s Europa. Settle in for this one – it’s a Radiophonic chiller.

“As I had done last year, I sat on the floor in front of the speakers to perform instead of behind them as a DJ normally does,” he adds. “This greatly enhanced my feeling of experiencing the set with the audience, dissolving the usual performer / audience divide.”

He’s helpfully shared a list of tracks he played alongside his modular synth improvisation – check it out below. For more mixes from the techno veteran, try his ripping set from last year’s Dimensions Festival or rewind to his previous ambient excursion at Freerotation.


Lars Von Trier – Intro from Europa
Henry Wolff & Nancy Hennings – Crossing the Line – Tibetan Bells III
Delia Derbyshire – Running – Inventions For Radio – Dreams
Compound Eye – Hydraulic Regime Vibrates Within – Journey from Anywhere
Coil – Copal – Moon’s Milk (In Four Phases)
Cosey Fanni Tutti – Such Is Life – Time To Tell
Coil – Die Wölfe Kommen Zurück – Black Light District
William S. Burroughs – The Cat Inside: Excerpts – The Best Of William Burroughs
Jo Johnson – Words Came After Music – Weaving
Coil – Bism – Worship The Glitch
Delia Derbyshire – Colour – Inventions For Radio – Dreams
Long Distance Poison – Signal I (Drew McDowall Remix) – Gleise Translations
Coil – Caged Birds – Worship The Glitch
Coil – Magnetic North – Winter Solstice
Aphex Twin – Rhubarb – Selected Ambient Works, Volume II
Coil – We Have Always Been Here – Worship The Glitch
Jo Johnson – Long Shadow (Anthony Child remix)
Rapoon – We Danced Like Sticks – The Kirghiz Light
Alessandro Cortini – Resta – Forse 1
Delia Derbyshire – Falling – Inventions For Radio – Dreams
Compound Eye – Open Interval 1 – Journey from Anywhere
Rapoon – Dala – The Kirghiz Light
Coil – Ended – Worship The Glitch



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