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Following on from Monday’s #100-81 session and Tuesday’s #80-41, here’s the third of our 100 Best Albums of the 1970s mixes.

We’re profiling the finest albums of the 1970s over the course of this week, with the complete rundown being revealed on Friday. In addition, we’re also uploading a daily mix to accompany each clutch of records, each curated by a different member of the FACT team, designed to showcase the diversity and quality of the albums we’ve plumped for.

Mix number three, which takes its cues from the #60-41 bracket, has been crafted by Tom Lea, and it’s probably the most out-there of the bunch. Ornette Coleman, AR & Machines, Robert Ashley, Nurse With Wound and Heldon all jostle for position, with some Joni and Specials slung in for good measure. You can click on the track names below to read more information on the release it came from.

01 A. R. & Machines – The Echo of the Past
02 Tangerine Dream – Sequent C
03 Harold Budd – Let Us Go Into The House of the Lord
04 Joni Mitchell – The Jungle Line
05 Faust – Exercise (Continues Track 1)
06 Ornette Coleman – Law Years
07 Nurse with Wound – Two Mock Projections
08 Funkadelic – Maggot Brain
09 U-Roy – African Message
10 Stiff Little Fingers – Barbed Wire Love
11 Heldon – Interface Part 2
12 La Düsseldorf – Düsseldorf
13 Robert Ashley – Automatic Writing
14 The Specials – Blank Expression
15 Stevie Wonder – Jesus Children of America
16 The Slits – Ping Pong Affair
17 Flower Travellin’ Band – Satori, Pt. 5
18 New York Dolls – Pills
19 John Carpenter – Assault on Precinct 13 Theme
20 Modern Lovers – Morning of our Lives (live)



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