Vashti Bunyan unveils 'Across The Water' from new album Heartleap

Cult folk singer introduces her third and final LP.

Vashti Bunyan has unveiled the first single from her forthcoming album Heartleap, a follow-up to her 2005 comeback Lookaftering and only her third release in 44 years after her 1970 debut Just Another Diamond Day.

‘Across The Water’ is almost impossibly delicate, enriched with soft strings and fingerpicking that swirl around her dreamy vocals. Like all the tracks on the new album, it was was recorded and produced by Bunyan herself.

“If I’d taken these songs and gone into a studio with them they might have turned out very differently, perhaps more ‘produced’ – but not as near to how I hear them for myself,” she says of the album.

Heartleap is due on October 6 via FatCat in the UK and Europe and October 7 via DiCristina in North America, with limited edition bundles featuring tote bags and full-colour prints. Bunyan kicks off a small UK tour in Birmingham on October 7.



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