Aussie droner Lawrence English‘s towering new tome will finally be dropping onto shelves next week, and you can hear it in full first right here.

Despite what people might try and tell you, this kind of music isn’t easy to produce. The nuance that makes a drone album bad or incredibly good is complicated and confusing, but Lawrence English has absolutely nailed it with Wilderness of Mirrors, his latest full length.

It’s probably because he’s been knee-deep in the scene for such a long time now – both as an artist and as the boss of the esteemed Room40 imprint, which itself is responsible for releases from Ben Frost, Grouper, John Chantler and more. Certainly, the album has a pacing that can only be attained with experience, and English allows his crushing tidal waves of noise and harmonic sound to rise and fall with either grace or knee-trembling power, depending on the mood.

Wilderness of Mirrors is set to drop on July 21, but before then you can now stream the album below.



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