RELEASE is set to explore British dance phenomenon shuffling – a set of moves you’ve likely seen if you’ve spent any time in London recently.

The short feature, put together by documentary magazine The New British, explores how shuffling developed from 1920 jazz dance the Charleston, and its connection to underground house music in the last few years. It began to bubble up following the popularity of UK funky, and has been a regular fixture of London’s underground club culture ever since.

Directed by Kez Glozier and filmed by Sam Hiscox, the short documentary will be premiering at London’s BASEMENT on August 1, alongside what’s touted as “an authentic house night.” If you fancy getting your mitts on invites, all you have to do is shoot an email over to, and you can head over to The New British Facebook page for more info.

If you fancy checking out a bit more shuffling to get yourself in the mood, peep this vid of Mad Kezza cutting shapes below, alongside some footage of the Charleston.



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