The Blur frontman – and recent FACT mixer – pitches for the family market. 

Damon Albarn has long had an interest in stage shows, devising two operas (Dr Dee and Monkey: Journey to the West) and scoring Punchdrunk’s immersive theatre production It Felt Like A Kiss. Speaking to the Daily Star before his headline set at Latitude Festival this Saturday, Albarn has revealed that his latest theatrical project is somewhat less esoteric – a musical designed for families.

According to Albarn, “It’s funny for me to say ‘I’m writing a musical’, but, yes, that’s what I’m doing next. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do because musicals are great when they’re done well.” The project – the subject of which Albarn keeps close to his chest – was originally meant to be a “left field, experimental opera”, but evolved into something more family friendly. He also jokes that the piece is “trying to summon up the spirit of Lionel Bart”.

Albarn also revealed that he’d been “writing a lot of uptempo songs that sound like Gorillaz”. Earlier this year, Albarn opened up to the press about his previous relationship with heroin.



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