Prostitutes is Ohio-based noise trooper James Donadio, and he’s got another new release on the horizon.

Following well-received drops on Brad Rose’s Digitalis imprint and the Spectrum Spools label, Donadio careers over to Night School for Nouveauree, a new five-track EP. Anyone who’s encountered the producer’s grizzled 4/4 experiments before should know basically what to expect, but we’ve got reason to believe this selection might be even more pummeling than its predecessors.

Certainly the first taster we’ve heard would confirm that – the charmingly-titled ‘Hate’s in the City’ is a total face-melter, dripping with the kind of industrial, basement noise attitude that’s become embedded into techno like a rusty needle in the arm over the last few years.

Nouveauree is set to appear on the Night School label on September 8. [via Resident Advisor]


01 Late To Take It Light
02 Hate’s In The City
03 Punk’s In The Street
04 Dragged It Home To Bed
05 So Goddam Gaunt



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