Driving music for the Honda Civic.

The low-profile producer behind one of our favourite releases of last year, an addictive own-material mixtape for Blowing Up The Workshop, has previewed seven new tracks under the name Road Hog.

Those lysergic pads and lo-fi drums certainly sound like Galcher, so we’re inclined to believe it’s his own handiwork. Titled D.W.B., the EP is tagged “made for the car” and features the Honda logo as it artwork along with titles like ‘The FUCK Outta My Lane’ and ‘Abuse These Streets’.

The record is due for a digital release “eventually”, but for now check out the 10-minute audio preview. Earlier this year he released the excellent Nu Day EP via Tsuba, while a few weeks back he put together a nostalgia-heavy ‘Sad Summer’ mix that’s worth checking out.



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