nathan fake new label--8.6.2014

Nathan Fake has launched his own label.

Cambria Instruments is a collaboration between Fake and Border Community’s Wesley Matsell, with the first release a split between the pair of them, ‘Black Drift’ / ‘Bismuth’. A press release for Cambria Instruments explains that the label name is a a continuation of Fake’s explorations of British heritage (as seen on his 2012 album Steam Days). “Cambria is a reference to both Wesley and I”, Fake elaborates. “He’s from Wales, and Cambria is an ancient English/Latin name for Wales, so we thought that summed up where the label was coming from.”

After ‘Black Drift’, there are plans for solo EPs on Cambria Instruments by both Fake and Matsell. We’re premiering ‘Black Drift’ below; you can preorder the 12″ here.



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