Tri Angle‘s newest family member Boothroyd has finally emerged with his debut release.

Entitled Idle Hours, the EP is due to drop on NYC-based label on September 30, and Tri Angle have been kind enough to give us a little taster of what we might expect. Since few of us have heard much from Boothroyd (real name: Peter Boothroyd) thus far, it’s hard to work out how representative ‘NYC’ is in relation to his other material, but if you’re into the pounding textural experimentalism of Fis, the woozy, low-light patchwork of Forest Swords and the kind of horror-flecked soundscapes of the Haxan Cloak then you’ll probably be very happy indeed.

We first heard the track on Forest Swords’ exemplary FACT mix from earlier this year, and we’re looking forward to hearing more. Also, Boothroyd’s Twitter feed is well worth a peep, and that’s not something we say lightly.


01 NYC
02 Skinned
03 Colony
04 Y5



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