Orange Milk co-founder Giant Claw explores the Internet Age on <em>Dark Web</em> LP

Keith Rankin enters the Dark Web.

Thanks in large part to FACT’s resident cassette guru Brad Rose, visual/sound artist Keith Rankin was all over FACT last year: as part of the Orange Milk imprint and twisted techno duo Cream Juice, the artist was behind both one of our top labels and our favorite albums of the year.

Giant Claw is his sound project (his Max Mutant was one of our top tapes in 2013, naturally), and he’ll release his first new music of the year on Dark Web. Turning his retro-futuristic fetishism inward, Rankin explores “the meaning of cultural heritage for those raised on message boards, chat rooms, and YouTube videos, who established their artistic sensibilities through the daily rabbit hole discoveries of the world wide web.”

Described as “an exorcism of Rankin’s own journey and development as a late night student of art on the internet” and composed almost entirely through MIDI programming and extensive sampling, the album finds chopped R&B vocals re-contextualized over clashing productions that draw from hip-hop, club music, ’90s pop and classical composition, often within the same song.

‘DARK WEB 002’ — a frazzled collage of pneumatic beats, gossamer arpeggios, Lex Luger-styled trap and operatic vocals — is typical of the album; stream it below. Dark Web is due out on September 30 via Noumenal Loom.



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