The Sex Tags Mania offshoot presents the house eccentric’s next full-length.

Italy-via-NYC producer Madteo will return later this year with a new album on Wania, the label operated by Norway’s DJ Sotofett. Featuring previous collaborator Sensational, Special Offer includes the track ‘Party People Love Me’ – “as if you would know what that is on [sic] this stage”, the label jokes on the promotional flyer.

The release marks Matteo Ruzzon’s third appearance on Wania following 2012’s ‘We Do…’ single and a collaboration with the label boss last year on ‘There’s Gotta Be A Way’.

“They’re so on point with everything, from the music and the layout, but also the history, and that’s really important,” he said of the Sex Tags crew in an interview with FACT last year. “But they don’t really give a shit too, and that’s really inspiring. Maybe it’s a Scandinavian thing. Very smart too, but not, like, academically.”

Read the rest of Steve Shaw’s interview with Madteo, where he discusses his flea market routine and the enduring stigma of Serato. [via RA]




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