LIVITY SOUND Remixes CD cover

Bristol group Livity Sound announce their second compilation, Livity Sound Remixed.

Peverelist, Kowton and Asusu’s first compilation, Livity Sound, collected their 12″ singles released between 2011 and 2013. Livity Sound Remixes, as you may expect, collects their various remix 12″s released this year. It marks the first digital release for these remixes, and will be preceded by one last Livity Sound remix 12″, which features Tessela and Stenny & Andrea.

The artwork, as ever with Livity Sound’s remix series, comes from Tess Redburn. Remixed will be released on November 3.

1. Kowton ‘More Games’ (MM/KM More Names remix)
2. Asusu ‘Velez’ (A Made Up Sound remix 2)
3. Pev & Kowton ‘Raw Code’ (Surgeon remix)
4. Pev & Kowton ‘Vapours’ (Pangaea remix)
5. Pev & Asusu ‘Surge’ (MMM remix)
6. Pev & Kowton ‘End Point’ (Stenny & Andrea remix)
7. Asusu ‘Velez’ (A Made Up Sound remix 1)
8. Asusu ‘Sister’ (Nick Höppner remix)
9. Pev ‘Livity’ (Ghost-202 remix)
10. Kowton ‘Jam01’ (Beneath remix)
11. Pev ‘Aztec Chant’ (Tessela remix)
12 Asusu ‘Too Much Time Has Passed’ (Dresvn remix)



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