Sonic Youth frontman Thurston Moore‘s first solo record since 2010, The Best Day finds him teaming up with a predictably talented supporting cast.

We announced last month that Moore had begun performing with a new band made up of Sonic Youth drummer Steve Shelley, My Bloody Valentine bassist Deb Googe and Guapo guitarist James Sedwards, and it turns out they’ve contributed to the recorded material also.

Moore has shared the title track from the record, and it elicits fond memories of Sonic Youth while also recalling something very different – Sedwards’ very specific touch on the guitar is a very noticeable new element, for example. You can take a listen to the track in full below, and the full album is set to drop on October 20 via Matador.


01 Speak To The Wild
02 Forevermore
03 Tape
04 The Best Day
05 Detonation
06 Vocabularies
07 Grace Lake
08 Germs Burn



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