As Halloween approaches, it stands to reason that interest in horror movies (and their scores) will rapidly reach fever pitch.

Well it just so happens that noted purveyors of quality horror-related tuneage Death Waltz have managed to smartly anticipate this, and have kicked of a new sublabel just in time. It’s called Death Waltz Originals, and from what we gather, will be focusing on original music rather than re-issues.

The first release looks ridiculously tasty – a re-score of Tobe Hooper’s stone-cold-classic Texas Chainsaw Massacre by horror nuts Umberto and Antoni Maiovvi, two musicians both known for their ability to hark back to the synth-laden sounds of Fabio Frizzi, John Carpenter and Goblin. The idea was conceived at last year’s Beyond Fest, and the two producers have been working on it furiously over the last year.

Entitled The Hook & Pull Gang (if you’ve seen the movie you’ll know exactly what scene this is referring to), the record will be released on double vinyl in a limited edition of just 800 copies, and will only be available at a series of very special screenings. The screenings will contain the original dialogue and pioneering sound effects, but will have the score added over the top – you can see an example in the short trailer below.

If you fancy the deluxe experience, Umberto and Antoni Maiovvi will be performing the score live in its entirety at a special screening of Texas Chainsaw Massacre at this year’s MondoCon in Austin on September 21, and at LA’s Beyond Fest on September 27. Lucky Beyond Fest patrons will also get to see another top secret screening of an as-yet-unannounced classic horror movie from Death Waltz, which will be featuring an appearance from the whole cast and crew – more information on that one as it emerges.



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