Watch two bizarre Microsoft recruitment videos soundtracked by Legowelt

Danny Wolfers slapped his zany squelch-techno onto the tech company’s ads back in 2008.

Legowelt has drawn our attention to a pair of videos he soundtracked six years ago as part of an ad campaign for Microsoft’s recruitment wing.

The bizarre clips, which were created for the tech giant by Brad Abrahams at Digital Kitchen, pair Wolfers’ signature analogue ambience (specifically his Jupiter 4 and Roland Juno 6 synths) with a vintage VHS aesthetic in a narrative that sees two young computer programmers get snapped up by Google and Facebook.

“Somehow Microsoft let the concept through,” say the designers, though the second of the videos was “so weird they didn’t know what to do with it.” Watch both below.

Last week Wolfers gave away a pair of brand new techno jams – download those and take a tour of the synth fanatic’s studio.



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