Suge Knight reportedly shot six times in West Hollywood

Suge Knight, former CEO of Death Row Records, was reportedly shot six times at an MTV VMAs pre-show party in West Hollywood.

According to TMZ‘s “family sources”, Knight was shot six times, and is in an intensive care unit at Cedars-Sinai Hospital but expected to recover (earlier reports, however, claim that it was two shots, in the stomach and arm). TMZ also claims that after the incident Knight walked out of the party unassisted, but police spotted him and took him to a local hospital.

Knight was one of three people shot at the party, according to multiple sources. At least one is described as being in a critical condition. Earlier on at the night, which TMZ describes as tense, West Coast rapper Game was denied entry after a “full-on fight” between his friends and security guards.

Update: Sources close to Knight’s family have confirmed to TMZ that the rap mogul was shot five times in the stomach and once in the arm. Doctors managed to extract three of the bullets, while the other three went straight through his body. There’s video footage of Knight straight after the shooting, surrounded by cops and sheltering from gunfire behind a car – watch it here.



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