We’re massive fans of Italian horror soundtrack king Fabio Frizzi here at FACT, and this announcement is exactly what we’ve been waiting for.

Lucio Fulci’s Un gatto nel cervello, known in English as A Cat in the Brain or (boringly) Nightmare Concert emerged in 1990 and sported a soundtrack from his regular collaborator Fabio Frizzi. Sadly, the score has been incredibly tough to source ever since; there was one release (it was paired with Frizzi’s ace score to Fulci’s Zombi 2 and dumped on CD in ’98), but that’s been out of print for years.

Now the lovely folks at Mondo out in Austin, Texas have managed to secure the rights so they can give the score the deluxe treatment it always deserved, and they’ve outdone themselves. Boasting spiffy new artwork from Aussie duo We Buy Your Kids, liner notes from Fabio Frizzi and randomly inserted “brain-colored” vinyl, it’s also been given a deluxe pressing on 180g wax. There’s no word of exactly when it will be released, so make sure you check out Mondo’s website periodically if you don’t want to miss out – their releases are notoriously quick to sell out. [via Modern Vinyl]

If you want to find out more about Fabio Frizzi, FACT’s in-house horror buff John Twells selected the Italian composer’s finest moments, and compiled them for our listening pleasure.



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