Divisive noise veteran William Bennet returns to Blackest Ever Black with another full-length under the Cut Hands moniker.

Bennet’s recent slew of percussion-heavy releases have seen the Whitehouse don emerge in the most unexpected places – he recently toured the US with Brummie industrial metal deities Godflesh, for example – and Festival of the Dead is sure to continue that ascent.

The album is Bennet’s third as Cut Hands, and is touted as being his most potent to date – certainly on the evidence of pummeling new single ‘The Claw’ it sounds as if he’s building on the voodoo-inspired promise of his last two records, and bringing in more than a fair sprinkling of Regis’s Birmingham thump.

Take a listen to ‘The Claw’ below – Festival of the Dead is set to drop in late October on double vinyl, CD and digital via Blackest Ever Black.


A1 The Claw
A2 I Know What I Must Do
A3 Damballah 58
B1 Parataxic Distortion
B2 Festival Of The Dead
B3 Belladonna Theme
C1 Vaudou Take Me High
C2 Inlightenment
C3 None Of Your Bones Are Broken
D1 Madwoman (Festival Mix)
D2 Fruit Is Ripe
D3 Fire Ends The Day



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