Marvin Ramalepe readies 20 “club anthems and battle cries.”

As DJ Spoko, Ramalepe has been a lynchpin of South Africa’s kwaito house scene for years, having studied engineering with Shangaan electro guru Nozinja and co-producing DJ Mujava’s worldwide hits ‘Township Funk’ and ‘Mugwanti’ (without credit).

After dropping his first Western release on True Panther, Spoko has united with Lit City Trax for War God, his debut full-length album. The mammoth 22 album promises to showcase the gritty take on kwaito that he calls “Bacardi House.”

“I can’t cause the war alone,” he says of the album’s martial title and concept. “Now, I have the right generals by my side. Each and every song is a soldier. They have come together to move the music of the township to another level.”

War God is due out on September 23; the stark cover art and tracklist are below.


1. War of the Pizzi
2. Dikwakwa
3. Trigga Happy
4. Motota Mutapa
5. Mshongoville
6. Angels and Demons
7. Chitahuri Dance
8. War God
9. Mzansi
10. After Party
11. Planet X
12. More Pain
13. Bula Ma
14. Oreng Mo (ft. DJ Mujava)
15. Man in Black Suit
16. Phelindaba
17. Civil War
18. Captain Jack Spoko
19. Thugs of the Nite
20. Moon and Sun



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