Krust (or DJ Krust) has been a part of the British music architecture since the early 90s.

The Bristol-born producer was instrumental in the rise of drum ‘n’ bass thanks to a slew of collaborations with Roni Size and his own handful of hits, the unmistakable ‘Warhead’ being easily the most prominent, a track that’s still being rinsed to this day.

He’s set to make a splash once more with his contribution to Bedouin Records‘ brand new Originators series – a set of actual cassettes from some of the masters of their genre. Krust’s contribution is called The Pleiadian Adventure and sports some particularly spiffy cover art (above). It’s limited to 100 copies only, and is an hour-and-a-half of ear-splitting basslines and chopped breaks. Basically it’s bloody essential listening.

If you want to get your pre-order in for the tape, make sure you head over to Bedouin’s site. You can check out a short excerpt of The Pleiadian Adventure below.



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