Oh deer.

Every so often a record appears that makes you wonder about its actual provenance; a mystery artist whose assumed back story (if there is a back story) is just that little bit fishy. Well new Numbers signing Deejay Deer’s press release takes that to its logical conclusion with a story that claims he’s forest dwelling animal (the first to use the prefix “deejay,” natch) and that he’s hiding out there to escape “all the fake producers in the city.”

We can safely assume then that Deejay Deer is one of two things – a new artist who Numbers want us to think is someone we might know, or a veteran producer who’s producing under an alias. Our money’s on the latter, and we do know one thing – our first impressions are very positive. The first taste of upcoming EP Natur is ‘Unnatural’, which you can stream in full below. It sounds a bit like early Floating Points with a sprinkling of Joy Orbison, make of that what you will.



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