Download Yung Gleesh's <em>Cleansides Finest 3</em>

The self-described shitbag drops an eagerly-anticipated mixtape and shares another video.

Yung Gleesh secured a spot in our list of rappers to watch in 2014 with his combination of Guccish menace and based irreverence, and he’s back with a new mixtape that delivers on both counts.

As promised in his interview with FACT TV at SXSW, Cleansides Finest 3 is a more personal mixtape than last year’s Your Favorite Rapper’s Favorite Rapper, a genre-hopping effort on which Gleesh tried to “snatch” other rappers’ fan bases.

Including previously-premiered singles ‘Water’, ‘Gleechie’ and ‘Since When’, the mixtape features production by Atlanta regulars Zaytoven, Dolan Beats, YDG, TrapMoneyBenny and more. Stream/download the mixtape and watch the video for ‘Trappin Benny’ below.



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