Mondo acquire Death Waltz, plan <em>Shaun of the Dead</em>, lost <em>2001: A Space Odyssey</em> score releases

The best reissue specialists in the game unite.

Austin-based gallery Mondo (the crew behind the US reissue of Cliff Martinez’s Drive OST) have acquired spooky soundtrack specialists Death Waltz. Death Waltz founder (and FACT mixer) will join Mondo as their label manager. Here’s his statement, via Pitchfork:

I looked at what we’ve achieved independently and then I started thinking what we can do together. We intend to build a full-service record label offering incredible music in all formats: vinyl, CD & digital. Our goal is to make Mondo the ‘go-to’ label for fans, filmmakers and composers alike. After 25 years in the music industry, I don’t think I have been as excited as I am with this opportunity.

Mondo has a few new releases in the pipeline which will be available at this weekend’s MondoCon in Austin. Daniel Mudford and Pete Woodhead’s Shaun of the Dead score will be available for the first time. It features artwork by Jock and liner notes by director Edgar Wright and the composers. A limited, 1,000-unit pressing will be in Strawberry Swirl Cornetto-inspired vinyl. It will be on-sale October 7.

Alex North’s unused 2001: A Space Odyssey, which was discarded by Stanley Kubrick in favor of classical music, will be available on vinyl for the first time. It will be on-sale in November and is limited to — you guessed it — 2001 copies.

Lastly, Nathan Johnson’s Looper will be available online on September 2. It includes a 7″ featuring Kid Koala’s ‘Slinky Dance’ and a piano version of the movie theme. Check out photos of the releases below; Mondo is previewing select cuts on their Soundcloud.



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