Brian Reitzell's haunting Hannibal score set for release on Invada – sample all four volumes

Music from seasons one and two of the acclaimed series to appear as bumper box set.

If you’ve seen Hannibal, the NBC drama based on everyone’s favourite cannibal psychiatrist, you’ll know that the creep-out factor is hugely enhanced by Brian Reitzell’s unsettling score, which combines classical influences with avant-garde electronics in a mercurial manner that aptly reflects the title character’s bouts of frenzied flesh-cravings.

Now Invada Records are to issue Reitzell’s music for the show’s first two seasons over four double-LP sets, available individually or as a package on coloured or black vinyl. Director David Slade has also provided rare photos from his personal collection for the artwork, and each LP will come with a download card.

The records will appear on shelves in December – check out the samplers below to hear music from all four volumes, two for each season.

Earlier this year Reitzell released his debut album as a solo musician, Auto Music, which featured shoegazing icon Kevin Shields.



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