Belgian producer returns to Los Angeles experimental label.

With Cassette Store Day coming up on September 27, Los Angeles-based label Leaving Records has announced a new full-length from Belgian producer Ssaliva, the experimental and ambien alias of Francois Boulanger who has also released as Cupp Cave.

Pantani is Boulanger’s third album proper, following one for Surf Kill, a self-release and a grip of EPs for Brussels’ Vlek. This is the producer’s second cassette release for Leaving Records, the label headed by Matthewdavid, who’s also known for his own experimental exercises and cassette fetish.

The album will drop as a limited edition cassette on September 27, to tie with CSD, and a full digital release on September 30. The cassette will only be available at select locations.

You can hear album cut ‘Matta’ exclusively below, a soft and floating composition reminiscent of Boulanger’s science fiction-inspired work for Vlek.

Tracklist and artwork for the release are also below. For more on cassettes, be sure to read up on Brad Rose’s regular FACT column Caught On Tape.



2. Tromeo
3. Matta
4. Canyon
5. Orbiter
6. Map and Territory
7. Sstress
8. XR21
9. Until Death As A Memory
10. Virtue
11. Circuit Fade

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