The NYC hardcore 5-piece fronted by Bone Awl’s Marco Del Rio are back with their third full-length.

Raspberry Bulbs originally started as a solo project, but Del Rio expanded the lineup to fill out the sound of last year’s acclaimed Deformed Worship. Moving away from the black metal that Del Rio cut his teeth producing, Deformed Worship was a defined, rugged hardcore record – something that the lads have kept around for Privacy.

Recorded in the rawest possible manner (to 4-track of course), the first taster is ‘Light Surrounds Me’, and hits the perfect mid-point between US black metal and hardcore, beginning with the death rattle of chains before launching into the kind of basement punk that only comes served with the dregs of half a bottle of cheap whiskey and a 6-pack of PBR.


01 Lionhead
02 II
03 Light Surrounds Me
04 IV
05 How The Strings Are Pulled
06 Nail Biting
07 VII
08 Finger Bones
09 IX
10 Behind The Glass
11 XI
12 Hopelessly Alive
14 Big Grin

Privacy will be released on November 17 via Blackest Ever Black.



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