Chicago footwork crew Teklife announce their first Hyperdub release.

Teklife is as golden a brand as you’ll find in Chicago footwork – the label and collective, spearheaded by DJ Spinn and the sadly deceased DJ Rashad, have been behind many of the scene’s best full-lengths, and arguably served as the sound’s principal ambassadorial face during footwork’s rise to global prominence.

Next Life will compile new material from the collective, including work from DJ Rashad. Plenty of familiar footwork elders appear: DJ Spinn, RP Boo, Traxman, Manny and Gantman all contribute. A host of newer names will also feature, with DJ Earl, Taye and Boylan among the newer breed, and a smattering of non-Chicago (Durban, Tripletrain) and European producers (Durban, DJ Paypal, Feloneezy) are also represented.

Hyperdub have confirmed that all profits from sales of the CD will go to Rashad’s son, Chad; the disc is expected in the coming months. As reported, the label will host a huge Teklife night on October 11.

DJ Spinn & Taso – ‘Burn That Kush’
DJ Earl & DJ Taye – ‘Do This Again’
DJ Taye and DJ Manny – ‘The Matrixx’
DJ Phil – ‘Godz House’
DJ Tre – ‘DNB Spaceout’
Traxman – ‘Sit Ya Self Down’
Sirr Tmo – ‘Live In Chicago Subways’
RP Boo – ‘That’s It 4 Lil Ma’
Gantman – ‘Jungle Juke’
DJ Manny – ‘Harvey Ratchet’
Boylan – ‘He Watchin Us’
DJ Paypal – ‘FM Blas’
DJ Earl & DJ Taye – ‘Wurkinn Da Bass’
DJ Rashad x DJ Spinn X Taso x DJ Manny – ‘OTS’
Heavee – ‘8 Bit Shit’
Tripletrain – ‘Never Could Be’
Durban – ‘I’m So’
Taso – ‘Drop That Thang’
DJ Chap – ‘Glacier Bae’
DJ Paypal x Feeloneezy x Jackie Dagger – ‘U Should No’



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