Appleblim and Second Storey pair up as ALSO for EP on R&S

The newly forged project has some live performances in the works.

Skull Disco chief Appleblim (pictured) and fellow Bristol-based producer Second Storey (formerly known as Al Tourettes) have paired up for a new project under the all-caps moniker ALSO.

Laurie Osborne and Alec Storey “bonded over a shared love of Detroit machine rhythms and sleek electronic grooves,” as their label R&S explains, working on “heavy studio/live loose jams” that make up their debut release, EP01.

“There’s so many people making sonically ‘correct’ or refined 4×4 music, we just wanted to explore everything other than that, whilst still keeping the dance floor moving,” says Osborne.

EP01 is out on November 24 on R&S, shortly after Second Storey’s recently announced LP for Houndstooth, Double Divide. Download a recent Appleblim mix of records he found in New York junk store/treasure trove The Thing.


01 Sid’s Conundrum
02 Ashford Swaiths
03 Dive Prophets



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