Chris Douglas (aka Dalglish) has been an active member of the experimental music world for decades at this point.

Recording under numerous different monikers (most prominently O.S.T.) he’s notched up releases for a variety of labels, most recently landing on Bill Kouligas’s PAN imprint for his last proper album Niaiw Ot Vile. Now he’s offered his latest EP – entitled Docha Aigeann – to brand new imprint Ge-stell, a Bay Area label that appears to be committed to doing things right.

You can hear a selection of tracks from the EP below, and hear Douglas’s innovative collision of DSP techniques and crushing soundscapes.

Dorcha Aigeann will be released on limited edition clear vinyl on October 14 via Ge-stell.


01 ­ Aois
02 ­ Onair
03 ­ Uisge
04 ­ Aonaich
05 ­ Gsm Intv 4
06 ­ Mrin

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