Is EDM finally having its darkside moment?

Mad Decent producers Yellow Claw, Diplo and LNY TNZ have released a harrowing video for the (inaccurately titled) ‘Techno’, which features vocals from EDM convert Waka Flocka Flame.

The video follows a pretty young blonde (always, right?) as she prepares for a night out, while cutting to scenes of a lab where dodgy types are presumably cooking up Bad Drugs. The woman later has a seizure in the club and ends up in an ambulance, where things go from bad to worse. The video ends on a stark message: “Drugs are not worth the risk”. The anti-drugs message comes after a swathe of deaths at EDM festivals in the US in recent years.

We’re also reminded of 4Hero’s infamous ‘Mr Kirk’s Nightmare’, which soundtracked the transition from rave’s golden age into the murkier, serotonin-depleted mood of early jungle.



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