Over the last few years, West Coast rapper Daylyt has caused controversy throughout the battle rap scene with a series of stunts – including rubbing sweat in opponent’s faces and threatening to fellate himself.

This weekend, during a battle against Real Deal at Phoenix event Duel in the Desert, Daylyt took things so far that he was removed from the venue. After a series of pranks that included a game of cards with a member of the audience and a severed head, the crowd reportedly started to tire of his antics and booed him.

Daylyt, in response, claimed that he heard two more boos he’d “boo boo” on stage. Cue more boos, and cue this:

Thankfully, security stepped in and removed him from the premises before the shit could hit the fan. Well, floor.

Extraordinarily, it’s not the first time Daylyt has threatened to shit on stage: back in July, he pretended to shit and eat it at the Total Slaughter event. You can watch a video of the incident below, and read a rundown of the full event here.


Security pulling @daylyt2k14 off this stage before he could shit. He'll get it someday.

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