Only a couple of weeks after Cassette Store Day, some bright spark has shared a new tape-based invention with the world.

Now everyone knows you can scratch with vinyl – a limber pair of hands, a mixer and a turntable is all you really need, and before long you’ll be crabbing with the best of ’em. You don’t even need the turntable at all these days – a quick download from the app store and you can replicate the sound of a scratch fairly convincingly on your phone, but that didn’t stop Jeremy Sean Bell from piecing together a device he calls The ScrubBoard that allows the user to “scratch” tape.

Bell has built a prototype for his device which he’s demoed very effectively on YouTube, and as you can see below it allows him to scrub pre-marked sections of tape (no more searching for the perfect cut) with hand-held tape heads. Anyone who’s spent any time around experimental music will realize this concept is hardly new – Nam June Paik came up with a similar device in 1963 – but you’ve got to hand it to Bell, he’s nailed the sound and more importantly, it looks like a lot of fun to fiddle with.



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