Hugo Boss completely ripped off The xx's 'Intro' in a sunglasses commercial

And Young Turks ain’t happy.

It happens all too often – brands want to soundtrack their ads with the kind of hip young music they imagine their hip young customers listen to, but instead of coughing up to sync their chosen track to their flashy new ad, they commission a carbon copy for a fraction of the price.

It happened to SOHN earlier this month, but this could be the most shameless case we’ve ever come across – Hugo Boss lifting The xx’s immediately recognisable ‘Intro’ for a sunglasses commercial. The tempo, drums and even the melody are pretty much identical.

The commercial has been floating around since April, but as Pigeons and Planes spotted, the band’s label Young Turks called out the fashion powerhouse last week, tweeting: “As a firm built around original design, isn’t it odd that you’d pay for such a poorly disguised fake?”

See what you think below. The xx, meanwhile, have been working on their “completely different” third LP out in Iceland.




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