Gunnar Haslam unveils second LP for L.I.ES., stream 'In Argo Teurano'

L.I.E.S. will release the mysterious New York producer’s second album next month.

Gunnar Haslam burst onto the New York house music scene midway through last year with the release of his impressive debut album Mimesiak, Haslam’s first release of any kind.

Entitled Mirrors and Copulation, Gunnar Haslam’s second full-length marks his return to L.I.E.S after 12-inch excursions to labels such as DFA, Argot and Mr. Saturday Night.

Although there is little information surrounding the album, you can hear clips of all eight tracks over at Rush Hour. Listeners can expect to hear a varied spectrum of sounds from ambient pieces to acid workouts and straighter 4×4 tracks.

Mirrors and Copulation will be released in November via L.I.E.S. Records. Check the tracklist and preview album closer ‘In Argo Teurano’ in full below.


1. Meter Me by Sybil
2. Ajapajapam (version)
3. Brahmaputra
4. Camare Aperte
5. Incidental Magnetics
6. Cloud Castle Lake
7. Nameless
8. In Argo Teurano

[via Juno Plus]



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