Jonny Greenwood hired Supergrass to cover Radiohead's 'Spooks' for Inherent Vice

Punk scruffbags recruited for film soundtrack.

Jonny Greenwood has revealed he hired Supergrass to record a Radiohead song for Paul Thomas Anderson’s new crime thriller Inherent Vice.

The guitarist and composer responded to reports that Radiohead had contributed ‘Spooks’, a surf rock song which has been part of their live repertoire since 2006, to the forthcoming Thomas Pynchon adaptation. .”[I]t’s really a half idea we never made work live,” he tweeted. “I rewrote it and got Supergrass to play it. It’s good, but not very [Radiohead]!

“It’s better now than the Pixies/surf pastiche it was,” he added, explaining that “in fact only 2/3 Supergrass are on the recording”. As the Guardian points out, that two-thirds could likely by frontman Gaz Coombes and drummer Danny Goffey, who performed with Radiohead’s Colin Greenwood back in 2011.

Watch Radiohead perform ‘Spooks’ below and watch the trailer for Inherent Vice.




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