The Astral Plane has become one of our favourite blogs over the last year, hosting mixes from the likes of Logos and Miss Modular and tipping some of the best new producers early.

On October 21, the folk behind the blog will release a compilation, Heterotopia (inspired by Foucault’s essay of the same name), and features unreleased material from some of the artists that the blog has supported, including Kid Antoine, Divoli S’vere and Riley Lake (who also mastered the compilation). Basically, if you’re looking for future key players from the underground this is as good a place to start as any.

We’re premiering the first track from Heterotopia, Kid Antoine’s ‘Nightvision’. Last we heard from Antoine, he was contributing to Her Records’ latest compilation with ‘Expected Encounter’. ‘Nightvision’ revolves around a similarly simple riff, but takes things darker and weirder, existing in a similar setting to Cyphr’s recent ‘Sun’. Stream it below.


Arkitect – Foucault’s Dream
Kid Antoine – Nightvision
Jacque Gaspard Biberkopf – Public Love
Air Max ’97 – Chasm
Victoria Kim – Apgu Freeway
Imaabs – Cautiverio
Rushmore – Moment X
Divoli S’vere – Free Bitch
Mike G – Limestone
Celestial Trax – Illuminate
Riley Lake – Euclidean Riddim
Iglooghost – Wood Farm



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