Even if you’ve not seen it, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Cannibal Holocaust.

The Italian film – released in 1980 and directed by Ruggero Deodato – is one of the most notorious remnants of the “video nasty” era, and is famed for its exploitation and rampant gore. For years it was rumored to be a “snuff” movie, and while the film’s director was exonerated for murder (seriously, it went that far) it was banned in many countries for animal cruelty.

Despite all the controversy, the film’s soundtrack is actually quite chirpy and remains a stand-out in Riz Ortolani’s discography. It’s only ever been available on CD in the past, and Death Waltz have teamed up with One Way Static to give the soundtrack the deluxe vinyl reissue it’s been dying for.

Fittingly, the album will be released on Halloween – October 31 – and there will no doubt be a suite of different limited options appearing before then.



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