We're compiling a readers' version of our 100 Underrated DJs list

Enjoyed our list of 100 Underrated DJs Who Deserve More Shine? We’re compiling a readers’ version.

Since we posted the list yesterday, we’ve been inundated with suggestions of the people we’ve missed. Given that the point of the list was to shine some light on unsung DJs (and given that we’ve already had several ‘how did we miss them?!‘ moments), it seemed unfair to not cater to your suggestions.

Until Friday evening, you can submit three DJs that should’ve been on the list through the below form. On Sunday, we’ll compile them into a FACT Readers’ Underrated DJs list.

Check out the full list, featuring Evan Baggs [above] and many more, here.

[gravityform id=1 name=Underrated DJs]



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