Tim & Barry's footwork documentary featuring Rashad and Spinn to premiere at London's ICA

Go and watch this ace full-length film on Chicago’s legends-in-the-making.

Don’t Watch That honchos Tim & Barry will premiere their documentary on Chicago footwork at the Institute of Contemporary Arts next month.

I’m Tryna Tell Ya is a look at the origins and development of footwork, both as a sound and a dance style, as told by the scene’s most vital personalities, from the late great DJ Rashad and his buddy DJ Spinn to Traxman, RP Boo, DJ Earl and more. As well as meeting some of the best dancers in the city, the filmmakers go behind the scenes with the producers to watch them sampling records, recording vocals and laying down tracks.

NTS Radio and Hyperdub will host the premiere at the ICA on The Mall on November 15 at 8:50pm. Tickets are available now priced from £9.




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