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In a new interview between Aphex Twin and blogger Dave Noyze, we get to – allegedly – hear the tracks that Aphex Twin’s six-year old son has been making.

As ever with Aphex, you never know how much is true and how much is myth-making, but he claims here (as he has in past interviews) that his son has “already made an album on Renoise and published it on Bandcamp.” “He was five when he did most of it and all”, Aphex claims, “and I never showed him a thing, he worked it all out himself, mind boggling.”

These are the alleged tracks below, uploaded to a richarddjames Soundcloud along with a treasure trove of alternate takes of Aphex material (it’s worth noting that the blog also had access to an alternate version of Aphex’s ‘Fenix Funk’ back in September, and has posted various photos from what appear to be Syro studio sessions, so he’s no mere chancer).

Check out the music allegedly made by Aphex’s son below, read the full interview here, and check out the rest of what-appears-to-be-Aphex-Twin’s-Soundcloud here.

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