Plus, a miniature vehicle that turns color into sound.

With a Björk retrospective on the way, the Museum of Modern Art has added a few “humble masterpieces” to their collection, two of which seem of particular interest to FACT readers.

First up: a recently Kickstarted invention from London-based design team Dentaku. Ototo is an experimental synthesizer that uses “capacitive sensing” to turn any object into a musical instrument, measuring electrical charges and converting them into sound.

In addition, one half of the Dentaku team has created the Colour Chaser. The miniature vehicle follows a circuit (drawn in black marker), translating color data on top of it into sound. Designer Yuri Suzuki’s experiences with dyslexia spurred him to reinterpret how music is composed, read and played.

Watch Ototo turn household objects into a symphony, and check out the Colour Chaser in action below; the former is currently being sold for £60.

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