Flux is a new music app from King Crimson's Adrian Belew that never plays the same thing twice

FLUX is an innovative new app that brings together music and art to form an interactive experience that is unique every time.

A Kickstarter campaign is underway to bring audiovisual app FLUX to life. The app was developed by a team that includes Adrian Belew, the former frontman of art-rock pioneers King Crimson who has worked alongside everyone from David Bowie and Talking Heads to Nine Inch Nails. FLUX is described as “an ever-changing variety of music, songs, sounds, and visual art, that comes at you in quick, surprising pieces – the way life does.”

FLUX works by combining snippets of music and unique visuals using an algorithm that ensures the user will have a different, multi-sensory experience each time they open the app. The system is constantly evolving, with new pieces of music and visuals regularly being added.

FLUX is comprised of small, 100% original compositions and has taken over four years to develop. The app is now in its final fundraising stage and hopes to launch at the end of the year. You can view a trailer for the app below.



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