Drexciya's <em> Harnessed The Storm</em> to be reissued by Tresor

The pair’s 2002 LP is the next Drexciya-related reissue to arrive via the Berlin institution. 

Berlin’s long-running Tresor label has announced plans to reissue legendary Detroit techno outfit Drexciya’s brilliant Harnessed The Storm album.

Harnessed The Storm was written as the first of seven conceptually linked albums (known as “storms”) that the duo composed over the course of a single year. It is the only album out of that series credited to Drexciya, with the others being released under different aliases.

The re-release follows Tresor’s reissue of Neptune’s Lair earlier this year, the first album from Gerald Donald and the late James Stinson under the Drexciya name. Last month the label also reissued Stinson’s 2001 album The Opening Of The Cerebral Gate, originally released under his Transllusion alias.

Harnessed The Storm will be re-released as a ten-track CD and seven-track double LP on December 1. You can check the CD tracklist below.


01. Under Sea Disturbances
02. Digital Tsunami
03. Soul Of The Sea
04. Song Of The Green Whale
05. Dr. Blowfin’s Black Storm Stabilizing Spheres
06. The Plankton Organization
07. Mission To Ociya Syndor And Back
08. Aquatic Cataclysm
09. Lake Haze
10. Birth Of New Life

[via Resident Advisor]



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