Demdike Stare commemorate A/V installation with limited "art edition" cassette and poster

The industrial duo unveil 30 minutes of unreleased music, plus some beautiful screen-printed posters.

Earlier this year, Demdike Stare created music for an audio-visual installation at Geneva’s La Batie Festival. According to the (translated) festival program, At Rest combined old science fiction footage with soundtrack excerpts composed using self-regulated synths.

This once-in-a-lifetime installation has been captured on cassette, featuring 30 minutes of new recordings constructed from the installation pieces, which documented “14 different locked grooves which were then cut to dubplate and gradually decayed” at La Batie.

The Art Edition of At Rest also includes hand-pulled screen prints made by graphic artist John Powell Jones. There are 14 copies of each design (of which there are 14) and the hand-numbered set will never be reprinted. Head to Boomkat for more info.



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